What is steel fabrication ?

Steel fabrication is an interesting process. There are basically two ways in which steel fabrication takes place. First is the raw material approach, also called the integrated route. Approximately 60% of steel fabrication takes place this way. Basically, the materials are heated up, melted down, and mixed into steel.

It involves the construction of structures from various raw materials. A fab shop will bid on a job, usually based on the engineering drawings, and if awarded the contract will build the product. Large fab shops will employ a multitude of value added processes in one plant or facility including welding, cutting, forming and machining. These large fab shops offer additional value to their customers by limiting the need for purchasing personnel to locate multiple vendors for different services. Steel fabrication jobs usually start with shop drawings including precise measurements then move to the fabrication stage and finally to the installation of the final project. Saifan electromechanic cont is the most leading diesel tank manufacturer and Steel fabrication company in UAE.

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Saifan electromechanic cont company info

Saifan electromechanic cont company is the most leading diesel tank manufacturer in UAE. we established in 2006 for steel fabrication, erection, construction and detailing services in structural steel, miscellaneous metals and plate work for industrial and commercial applications.

Company manufacture our products as per the specification and in conformance to the required quality standards for the clients, and that meets todays demanding criteria for safety and quality. the company is currently involved in the execution of many prominent projects in the industrial sector, infrastructure developments in UAE as a subcontractor.


Other Services


We deals with all type of design of storage tanks pressure vessels, cement silos etc.


we are the best engineering company in the Middle East for Steel Fabrication.

NDT inspection services

we offers a range of specialist NDT services alongside our conventional non-destructive testing techniques.


We are the supreme leaders, among specialist industrial finishing companies supplying high quality services.

Insulation & Cladding

we provide a comprehensive range of insulation and cladding services.


We deals with erection of Carbon steel, Alloy steel and Stainless steel piping works etc

The Quality of Structural Steel

There are many different choices when it comes to structural steel. The lower the carbon content in the steel that is chosen determines the ease of welding. Lower carbon content equals a faster rate of production on construction projects, but it can also make the material more difficult to work with. Saifan Electromechanic Cont company is able to offer structural steel solutions that are both efficiently made and highly effective.

We will work for you to determine the perfect type of structural steel for your project. The processes used to design structural steel can change the cost. However, structural steel is a cost effective material when used properly. Steel is an excellent, highly-sustainable material, but it is far more effective in the hands of experienced and well-educated engineers who understand its properties and potential benefits.

Overall, steel holds a huge number of advantages to contractors and others who intended to utilize it for industrial applications. Experts have found that even reinforcing older buildings with new welding processes can significantly improve the strength of the building. Imagine the benefits of using expertly welded structural steel from the start for you construction project. Then contact Saifan Electromechanic Cont company for all of your structural steel welding and fabrication needs.

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