Saifan is one among the premier Engineering companies in the Middle East for Steel Fabrication and Construction. We are proud to have a well established work yard along with a team of seasoned top score professionals.

Saifan has a wealth of experience in the production of welded steel fabrication for a variety of applications, which includes Pressure vessel, Silos, Mud mixing tank, Storage Tanks and all general heavy steel fabrication, together with the supply of profiled steel blanks.

Our welding and steel fabrication techniques enable us to undertake One-off, Batch, and Production Line quantities.

Our Steel fabrication and installation works include the Design, Fabrication, NDT Inspection, blasting, painting and erection of:

  • Storage tanks of any type.
  • Pressure vessels
  • Silos
  • Mud mixing tanks.


Saifan has top professionals with years of experience in the field of piping fabrication, installation and commissioning acrylates of carbon-steel, alloy-steel and stainless steel piping works in the Middle East.

Our team of skilled employees has the potential to produce the best pipe spools combining large and small bore - including pipe support design: offering both weld on and shipped loose pipe support. We have extensive experience needed to work with Carbon Steel,Stainless Steels, Nickel-based alloys, and Aluminum, as well as jacketed and clad piping systems. Our efficient processes with high accuracy help us to ensure the quality and on-time delivery of every spool we deliver!

The various Pipe fabrication and installation works performed by us are:

  • Pre fabrication of piping spool and structure.
  • Piping supports
  • Pipeline Systems
  • Pipeline Modification
  • Relocating of Pipeline


Saifan is one of the leading suppliers of fabrication and structural steel work products in UAE to both private and public sectors.

With all projects being subject to the latest health & safety standards Saifan delivers the complete package of consultation, design, fabrication, installation and maintenance to provide engineering, fabrication and Structural Steel work products and service you deserve.

Saifan has a long tradition of working to the highest standards in cutting edge projects with the highest regard to quality, health & safety and demanding deadlines. Satisfying our customer needs is our forte and tradition.

Sequence of activities in Steel Structural fabricating shops include:

  • Surface cleaning
  • Cutting and machining
  • Punching and drilling
  • Straightening, bending and rolling
  • Fitting and reaming
  • Fastening (bolting, riveting and welding)
  • Finishing
  • Quality control
  • Surface treatment
  • Transportation


Saifan are the supreme leaders, among specialist industrial finishing companies supplying high quality services to a range of premium class customers.

Our wide range of coatings and processes are designed to improve the performance, enhance the appearance or extend the life of industrial components or fabrications in a range of sizes and shapes, large or small. We are exceptional in providing pre-treatment, shot blasting, paint spraying, metal spraying, and powder coating services as well as assessment and technical advice.

We are proud of our commitment to quality and the environment and have invested significantly in processes, people and technology to support us in our aims.

Our major works are:

  • Pre-treatment
  • Shot blasting
  • Paint spraying
  • Metal spraying
  • Powder coating
  • Assessment services
  • Technical advice


We offer standard and advanced NDT services. NDT is fundamental in ensuring the safety of assets for personnel.Failure of a component, structure or weld can cause significant hazard to the environment and often leads to significant costs. Ensure safe, continuous and cost effective performance of your asset, basing your decisions on reliable NDT-data on the assets condition.
We deliver NDT services to all industries during fabrication, in-service as well as during shut downs and maintenance. Decades of experience and the largest training facilities for NDT allows us to provide high quality services at all times.

We offer:

  • Ultrasonic testing (UT)
  • Radiography testing (RT)
  • Visual Testing (VT)
  • penetrate testing/Dye penetrate testing (PT/DPI)
  • Magnetic particle testing (MP)
  • Leak testing (LT)
  • In-service inspection